Gifford Rolfe is an artist and songwriter. He has written, recorded and performed his music in theatres, clubs and festivals as well as being featured in two series of "Wordsmiths" for BBC Radio.

His repertoire includes both narrative songs and personal, reflective statements and his material resonates with imagery that ignites his audience's imagination with its refreshingly poetic language.

Eric Johnson was born in Holmfirth the same year as Prince Charles, but there similarities end, and he's now happily settled near Cleckheaton where he runs the Croppers club at the Star in Roberttown on a Friday night.
He started going to the Croppers in the late 1980s where he was the quiet bloke in the corner who took some coercing to eventually perform. Still does! He's a prolific 'non-songwriter' who is influenced by a good tune and words both old and new

Alan Gill joined his first band at the age of 15 playing covers at school dances, youth clubs, etc. He then had a “resting” period for about 20 years until he bought a 12 string acoustic guitar and started playing in folk clubs in the early 90s. He was a member of Travelling Folk, and then joined Tony Dargan in the duo Dargan and Gill (or Dragon and Hill!). Now he plays solo again – his main influence is Ralph McTell but he also does covers of Huw & Tony Williams, Dougie McLean, Show of Hands, Tom Bliss, and other songs that he likes – and he is now looking forward to performing with YPAC. Alan runs First Friday Folk Club in Chapeltown, Sheffield

Mike Gaborak was born in Castleford in 1962 and studied classical guitar early on and his major influences were Segovia, John Williams and Julian Bream. Always a lover of singer songwriters he listened avidly to Cohen, Dylan, Young, Mitchell and McClean along with bands such as The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Kinks etc. He is known for his love of early Elton John and Simon and Garfunkel too.
Until 2 years ago he had never touched a steel string acoustic until he heard The Decemberists on Youtube after which he rushed out to get one from Trad Music in Wakefield and started to go to open mics in an around the area. Mike performs old classic covers and writes his own material anywhere they'll have him. Nowadays you're lucky to ever catch this lad at home on an evening as he is usually to be found out and about Yorkshire playing or listening to the thriving music scene which he enjoys so much.

Blackwater is an accomplished and justly well-respected duo (Ruth and Tony Dargan), based in the Wakefield area of West Yorkshire; their trademark sound is a gentle, enchanting and highly polished blend of two acoustic guitars and two voices, their partnership demonstrating an almost uncanny togetherness of musical spirit. The tasteful, intricately woven, impeccably managed guitar work is at once almost spontaneously conceived and yet carefully rehearsed; delicately dovetailed, ringing and mellifluous; accomplished yet unassuming; never obtrusive, and - importantly, wholly supportive of the songs, while the vocal work is light-textured, attractive, easy on the ear and similarly even-toned, the part-sharing both well-thought-out and convincing (both Ruth and Tony equally capable of taking the lead).